Atlanta Music Scene

The Atlanta music scene is robust to say the least.  You can find music of every kind of genre in this city.  There are lots of clubs that support all type of live music everyday of the week in the city.  There are also plenty of indie groups with large fan followings.  Atlanta is home to a lot of major recording artists also. Some of the best recording studios can be found in the city. There are also recording schools like the art institute and the Atlanta Institute of music.  Atlanta is a busy music city.  Every week there is a major concert attraction in the city.

Every year a lot people up and relocate to Atlanta to start or improve their chances in the music business. The scene is hot but it was probably hotter in the 90’s when you had record companies like So So Def and Laface records headquartered in the city.  You still have a hot hip hop scene in Atlanta but those record companies are only shadow of themselves now days.  The indie market is still big and no doubt if you visit or are in the city someone will probably try to sell or give you a copy of their CD. Artists are still trying to push their product on the streets. 

CD Duplication is the best way for an indie artist to reach his or her audience.  If you have a show scheduled and you need to get your music in the hands of your fans then the best way is to press up or duplicate your CD.

Concerts are always coming to Atlanta from old school to new school. If you are an artist you may need to get your hustle on and find out who the booking agent for these concerts are and see if you can become an opening artist for the show. 

We’ve done CD Duplication for Janelle Monae who is signed to Atlantic Records now. We duplicated her CD before she was signed to a major record deal. We also a couple of years ago Duplicated “Cashout’s CD, who is hot rapper signed to Epic records, LA Reid who ran Laface records in Atlanta in the 90’s. Without CD Duplication I doubt these two artists would have gotten where there at now.  The key to making it the music business nowadays is building up strong following and fan base. You might use CD Duplication or you might use social media like Facebook or youtube. You might use a combination of all three to spread your music to the masses.  Either way your window is short in the music business, it’s a youth oriented business so time is precious, so get started now and don’t waste time.


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