How to Choose a CD Duplication Company

You are about to release your CD. You recorded and mixed your CD to perfection. Now you have to choose a CD Duplication company.  What is going to make your decide on who to go with.  There should be more things than just price to consider.  If this is your first time duplicating a project what are the critical choices you need to make?

There are so many companies advertising online about CD Duplication and many companies right here in Atlanta that do CD duplication.  All of these companies are vying for your business and trying to put their best foot forward. This article will talk about some of the thing you need to consider when choosing a CD Duplication company. 

You have tight budget, are you going to produce a 100 CD’s or are you going to produce a 1,000 CD’s. What is your expectation for your project. How many units can you move.  With that in mind do you go with the lowest quote you get over the phone or do you look around.  Things to consider are delivery time, how long will it take for you to get your CD’s.  How do the graphics look on your CD. Does your packaging look professional and stand up against the other competition out there.  

Another thing to consider is the quality of the disc the company uses to duplicate your product. Low quality disc will cause your CD’s to fail in some CD players.  You want your CD’s to play over and over again for you customers, clients and fans. / uses quality disc for all our customers. these compact disc will last for years and play to standard in CD players.  Customer service is important also when choosing a CD Duplication company. You definitely have to feel comfortable with the customer service. We hope you consider these factors and make the choice to for your next CD duplication job.




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