Who Does your CD Duplication

A major portion of the jobs we duplicate here at Soundcraftcd/Atlantadisc are short run CD Jobs.  We basically support the artists that don't need 1000 CD's. Sometimes a 100 CD's is a lot more manageable for artist and may also work well with their budget.  Replication jobs of a 1000 are usually the minimum for replication. This is due to the extensive pre production that goes into replication projects. CD duplication is a lot less invasive and is basically like burning a CD on a computer. The difference is we use CD Duplicators that burn like 15 to 30 CD's at a time.  In the duplication process you basically take a blank CD-R or Blank DVD-R place in the CD Duplicators drive and burn the data or music that was loaded in the duplicator from the master CD copy that is supplied by the client. 

Since CD Duplication does not require the pre production of creating a glass master like in replication, we are able to start duplicating your product as soon as you supply us with your master copy. CD duplication jobs are usually done with 24 to 48 hours for short run CD Duplication jobs.  This is great for you if you have a rush job and you need your project turned around soon.

We offer a couple option for printing the art work on your cd. You can have ink jet printing in black text or full color. This can cost be cost effective for some jobs. We also offer thermal printing for CD jobs as well. We offer black text and logos. We also offer full color thermal print jobs.

We also offer poly wrap or shrink wrapping on our CD projects for jobs that require casing. You can get your job in slim cases or jewel cases. We also print inserts and tray cards for short run jobs.  You just need to supply us with your art files in JPEG or .PDF format.  We try to make the process of duplicating you CD project as simple as possible, the last thing we want to do is put you through a bunch hassles.

We try to give various ways to pay. We accept cash, major credit cards and paypal as forms of payment. You can submit your music digitally to us via email or by using products like drop box, wetransfer.com or yousendit.com. You can also mail us a CD via the postal service, this may take longer but we do except this method.  We are located in the Atlanta metro area and if you live in this area you can also walk in your project by making an appointment.

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