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We have various unlimited packaging solutions for all your CD and DVD duplication needs.  We have standard jewel cases, slim CD cases, DVD Ameray cases, Paper Sleeves with clear round circles, digipaks, mailing packs, clam shells, and other types of cases. We also have cases to meet your individualized requirements. handles the automated and manual collation of CD and DVD products with booklets, inlays, brochures and any other marketing materials including product assembly for retail point of purchase displays.  offers a complete service from the initial duplication or manufacture of the disc collated with all printed material and packaging through to distribution to one or many USA or worldwide addresses.

We will sit down with you and discuss your CD packaging or DVD packaging needs.  If you are producing a retail ready CD or DVD project we will design or supply the correct  CD / DVD packaging for your project.  We have various types of jewel cases and DVD cases to meet your needs. If you are producing a project that is non retail and performs as a promotional vehicle you may want to use a simple Slim case or Paper Sleeve, either way we have you covered.

We offer an unlimited range of CD solutions for all your CD packaging needs. DVD cases, jewel cases, slim cases, paper sleeves, digipaks, clam shell cases and much more are offered. For more information and a quote please contact us or call us at 678-565-8630.