Simple rules to follow for a good CD Duplication Project.

You want to make sure the company that duplicates your CD project uses quality blank media.  Cheap media may cause failures and compatibility problems like skipping and disc not playing.  If you use quality disc you can expect to distribute you CD with confidence.  Good quality CD’s is most when it comes to CD Duplication.

When picking a company for CD duplication, make sure it’s a company that guarantees fast turn times. You want to make sure that the companies can make your deadlines. You also want to make sure the company or service you use is accessible and you can easily get in touch with them.

If you go cheap on your CD Duplication make sure the company is using quality CDR’s and that you have access to them when you need to contact them.  A good CD Duplication company should keep all your files on hand, so when you reorder you don’t have to submit everything all over again.  A short run CD Duplication job should take more than 2 to 4 days, depending on how many CD’s you ordered. You don’t want to over pay for your CD duplication either. Some companies want to make a lot of money on you one time and never see you again. We offer a good price that works with your budget in hopes that you will reorder your CD job over and over again.

We start our short run CD Duplication jobs at 25 CD’s, we then run up to 1,000 CD’s or more.  We let you decide how many CD’s you need, can afford and have a demand for. We offer thermal and inkjet printing for our projects.


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