What is Short Run CD Duplication?

What is short Run CD Duplication and who needs it. Short run CD Duplication Is the heart of our business. Short Run usually consist of a 1000 Cd’s or less. Short Run is what most customers are looking for. If you duplicate too many CD’s they may end up in your closet years from now, so why not start out with a manageable amount of CD’s and work your way thru them until you need to order some more. We specialize in orders of 100 CD’s at time. It’s the mainstay of our business.


You may be using your music CD for fans. Musicians and artists sell their CD’s to fans after shows and open mic events. This is a great way of getting your music out to the masses. This is great way to build a following and grow your band or name.

Trade Shows:

If you do trade shows or speaking engagements short run CD Duplication is a great way to get your product out to the series clients you might meet at trade shows or speaking events. A lot people will order 100 to 500 CD’s for these type of events because they are easy to pass out.


Maybe you need to training material that you need to pass out to a few 100 people in your organization. Shortrun cd duplication is a great way to get those items out to you staff or trainees. You may need DVD Material for your training, videos is a great way to spell it all out.


If you’re a teacher or small school, trade organization then a short run of CDs or DVDs is a great way to get your lesson plan out to the right people. You may need to burn a handful .PDF’s to a CD-ROM to inform your class of certain material.


There are a lot great uses for CD Duplication for the business world, from training to selling. You may need CD Duplication and DVD duplication for new hire training, data storage, Instructional videos, and the beat goes on.

Other usages for short run CD Duplication is data archiving materials for reference. You may need to put recruiting materials on your cd’s or dvd’s. maybe you have a big conference coming up and you need to pass out materials for your new product or idea, a CD or DVD beats the heck out of piece of paper. You may need to court investors for your business or idea, putting everything on CD or DVD is great way get your message across.

If you need CD or DVD Duplication don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll fill your order right away and get you headed in the right direction.


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