Since 1999 We  have been providing CD and DVD duplication to various clients.And now as ATLANTACDDUPLICATION.COM We are committed to helping you develop your project and making it as easy and effortless as possible.

We will deliver fast, efficient, hassle-free, quality service to all our customers. We offer fast turn around times for short run CD/DVD duplication jobs. Call us today to learn what we can do for you! We understand the needs of artists, small companies and small to medium-size church ministries. We work with your budget in mind.

We are located in the Atlanta area and we ship world wide via UPS and the USPS. Working with With us  is a great way to get your project noticed and get the word out about your music, service or ministry. We’ll provide you with our years of experience to help guide you along the process.

For some of our short run CD/DVD jobs, we do not charge a setup fee for the CD design on the actual CD/DVD. You just supply us with the picture, the logo and the information you want to appear on the CD/DVD and we do the rest. We have no hidden fees. Some duplicators charge for the number of words that appear on the CD. We don’t do petty things like that. Whatever the price we advertise is the price we charge. We don’t say 100 CD’s for $99 and then when you call us, you find out that doesn’t include the jewel cases or the setup fee. When we say $99 for 100 CD’s that’s all you pay!

Call us today and let’s get started on your project! Why hesitate. There’s no better day than today! When you don’t need 500 or 1000 CD’s, “You Gotta us!”